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PPDK Website Development

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

On the 25 January 2019, we are honoured to receive an opportunity from Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti Sri Satok (PPDK Sri Satok) to develop a website for the organization. After months of research and development, the website will be launched on the 21 April 2019. The website will serve as another platform for PPDK Sri Satok to reach wider audiences for their good cause.

The team is lead by Sir Ahmad Sofian consist of 12 members from Cognitive Neuroscience Club.

A special thanks and acknowledgement for

Chan Mae Ong Hui Xin

Goh Suk Chin Sin Yee

Lim Bai Wei Wong Woei Sheng

Low Han Cheng Wee Tze Ni

Mohd Azhan Fikry bin Jema'at Siti Nur Amirah binti Mohammad Zamri Syazwani Atiqah Sholikhin Zulykha bt Zainal Abidin



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